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You Have the Wrong Bike!

We're forever being told that you need a BMW GS to travel round the world. Anything less just won't cut it. Why not put some knobblies on a sports bike?

Would Say That You're Flexible?

Be Careful on the Internet


As a motorcyclist, I just love caravans.

Polite conversation over tea

Star Wars as it Should Be

As an Ealing Comedy.

Proof that Ladies Can Ride Bikes...

Are YOU of the female persuasion? Have you often wondered if those large, flouncy skirts you wear will prevent you from riding a bike? Here is proof that you can overcome this and other obstacles.

This is the way to ride in style

“The machine was cutting out a lively pace on the back stretch when the men seated near the training quarters noticed the bicycle was unsteady,” the paper said. “The forward wheel wobbled, and then suddenly, the cycle was deflected from its course and plunged off the track into the sand, throwing the rider and overturning.

“All rushed to the assistance of the inventor, who lay motionless beneath his wheel, but as soon as they touched him they perceived that life was extinct,” the paper added. “Dr. Welcott was summoned and after an examination gave the opinion that Mr. Roper was dead before the machine left the track.”