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BAM Motorcycle Forum

I was going to hold off publishing this for a while until things had bedded in a bit more, but as certain people have already posted a link out there in the wild and we're now being indexed, I might as well tell you about it. Come closer. Let me whisper in your ear. Bristol Advanced Motorcyclists has a forum. Yes, I know what you're thinking, "who wants to talk about BMWs?". Well some people do, and that's fine. Some people like blow-up dollies as well and if that helps to keep a market sector afloat and Vietnamese children in bread, who are we to criticise. Anyway, there is other stuff on there about track days and other motorcycling stupidity, so feel free to take a look.

Just don't expect to find anything about blow-up dollies.


If you ever find yourself facing some challenges and you're wondering if you can overcome them, then just take a look at this:

Toys for the Boys

I may be forty now, but I have to admit to still being a big kid at heart. If you're the same, then this will definitely appeal to you.

Those Crazy Japanese Again

Do You Know Anyone Like This?

Can't resist this one


I Just Know That Woof Would Love to do This

Keep Abreast of Current Events

Shucks. You've guessed where this is going already haven't you. What do you do to earn a living if you have ample assets? Porn? Daytime TV? How about entering the world of recycling?

Fire + Rocket Fuel = Bang

Badger Fans Everywhere - Untie

If, like me, you're a fan of the original badger song, then you will be equally outraged by yet another occurrence of big business stealing the ideas of the little guy. It seems such a shame, especially as in some cases, this may be the only piece of work of international repute that they ever produce.

Homeless Taking Over

When people finally become disilusioned with Labour as a result of their deep-rooted sleaze (mirroring the demise of the tories before Tony took office), then the new, poor-friendly Conservatives can return to the warm, beating bosom of power. At that point, the homeless will take over and this site explains the result.

Is irony smooth (or should I not be using an iron?)

Dangerous Toy

Can you think of anyone that you'd like to give a toy with this label on?

Back from St Lucia

I'm now back from our luxury week in St Lucia, but still looking almost as white as a sheet. I don't like sunbathing, but had a great time swimming, sailing and wind-surfing. Well actually, the wind-surfing was more: get on, go a few feet, fall off, get back on, go a few more feet, fall off again. Repeat as necessary.

Now that I'm back and rested, I thought I'd get back to posting some of my web finds here again. I'm not sure whether this site is some sort of weird satire. You decide.