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Hey Look, That's Me!
I was speaking with one of my colleagues at work yesterday and he mentioned that the Keynsham Victorian Evening was attended by non other than Chris Harris - famous local pantomime dame.
It reminded me that I had been interviewed by said Mr.Harris as a child of 8 or 9. Not that I was uncertain about my age at the time, but my memory isn't the sharpest in the world, especially when tasked with trawling the deep, dark cupboards that make up my mind.
Anyway, as I was saying; the interview. It's wasn't as part of some Glittering paedophile grooming exercise, but was instead part of a television programme called 'Hey Look, That's Me!'.
"So why did a lowly pleb such as you merit 10 minutes of concentrated attention from the finest childrens entertainment that Southern TV had to offer?" I hear you ask. "It's all due to the wonderful experience that is Batik" I respond. Those of you that desperately desire dyed textiles in…
Moonlight shining on a cold, black sea,
Casting down its silver causeway,
Walk into the glow with me,
And you will be no more.

White foam breaking, hissing gently,
Out along the darkened beach,
I walked into the cold black sea,
So I might be no more.

I feel no hatred, only sorrow,
For things I can't forget,
Those golden moments, laughing, kissing,
When she and I first met.

I thought that here all sorrow ends,
Like night time ends the day,
I thought that here soft peace begins,
But that is not the way.

In howling torment cry the souls,
Of those who went before,
It is my fate to be here still,
So I might suffer more.

But I must have my sweet revenge,
However cruel it be,
Come watch the moonlight shining down,
Upon a cold, black sea.


(I'm happier now)

Blue Days

Blue Days
Originally uploaded by ozzzie. So winter's here now then. I came out of the house this morning to be welcomed by a white, frosty car. I was expecting a gentle transition but instead, the de-icer was re-freezing on the windscreen only moments after it had left the nozzle of the Holts De-Icer. Joy.

Still, it's the lovely crisp days like the one shown (the river in front of the Cadburys factory at Keynsham), that make this time of the year enjoyable.

NEC Bike Show

Originally uploaded by ozzzie. The NEC show has been annual pilgrimage for me for a few years now, having first travelled there in 1998. It seemed smaller this year, but was still a great opportunity to snap a few bike pictures.

It might be my age, but it seems to have lost some of the feeling of a bike jumble where you could pick up a genuine bargain. That's not to say that there aren't any bargains to be had, it's more a feeling that the traders know that people have more disposable income and they're less likely to haggle as hard or as long.

One thing to remember, a mini moto doesn't have the same engine braking as a v-twin, so remember to use the brakes harder or be prepared to roll as you hit the ground on the other side of the tyre barriers. Ouch!