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This just about sums up my day
Do you ever get the feeling that the world is a motorway packed full of fast moving cars and you're the pedestrian from the broken down vehicle, desperately looking for an emergency phone and feeling the wind from the passing artics?
That was my day today. The world whizzed by; the occasional adolescent peering from a back window, demonstrating the doppler effect on a protruding tongue passing at 85MPH.
Thieving Scum

This is an email message forwarded by Womble:

The details below have been sent to MAG, with confirmation from the police.

Warning: Four white males aged about 20 involved in these thefts all from the West/South West London area. They are driving a silver transit Y414 VLD. Be aware that this is a cloned van. They have been seen on CCTV driving away without paying from two garages. The van in question is a Silver Ford Transit, the registration number given is correct as Y414 VLD. The van that this number is from belongs to an electrical company in Uxbridge so it highly likely you will see it about. The real van has the name of the company on the sides, the rogue van is NOT sign written.

So if you see a plain silver transit on the above registration number you have found the stolen/ghosted van.

Last Monday they stole a Kawasaki from Uxbridge industrial estate, they have also nicked a Suzuki from Cowley and another bike from out side a shop in Shepherds Bush. Also an R1, R6 and …