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Thought for the Day

Spread your wings with butter.

Japanese Traditions

I've always found the Japanese a fascinating people, so this bite-size cultural education is a real treat. After watching this, you'll never make any of those mistakes that could mark you as a social outcast. Remember that what you learn here could be applied at Yo! Sushi.

Any Star Wars fans out there?

This one, humourous it is. OK, it's a bit predictable, but still entertaining. George Lucas in Love.

Just to maintain the Star Wars humour theme, how about a Japanese take on the Dark Side.

There's nothing like a hardcore fan, and this guy is nothing like a hardcore fan. Let him be humble before the great Movie Oracle, Woof.

People with time on their hands...

I like the one with the magnets.

Pardon me

Have you ever seen something that's just blown you away?

Oh bugger - I did it again.

Bath is a city of buskers, but why don't we get performers like this?

Oh what the hell...

Do you ever wish that you could dance? This will bring back some memories.

Did I say one more?

Are you into Drum and Bass? Do you find yourself tapping out odd rythms on household objects or do you sometimes find yourself making strange drum noises?

No sorry, just one more.

For those of you who follow kickboxing and who Ernesto Hoost is, this will appear even more bizarre than it already is. It's very similar to how I would imagine a day in Council Connect at BANES to be - Woof will be able to tell you all about that.

Just one more vid for now...

Have you ever stared in wonder at those acrobats who can perform gravity defying stunts. This is a truly wonderous display of skill. Just how do they manage it?

Now you all know that you should be using Firefox, don't you.

Firefox is cooler than other browsers and here's the proof.

Are you feeling arty?

How about some sand animation?

Did you spill my pint?

I'm not quite sure that a weapon based on that used in a fictional television show counts as a 'martial arts' weapon, but it looks like a nastly bit of kit to come up against none the less.

The Sun Online - News: Star Trek blade seized

Do you like pictures?

I do. I've been a big fan of photography since I studied O and A level photography at school. I've still got the original camera that I used at school somewhere together with a selection of small bellows, Box Brownies, Instamatics and of course digital. Some of the cameras still have the original boxes and manuals. When I get a spare moment, I'll dig them out, snap some pictures and post them on my website.

In the meantime, if you think you've taken some good pictures, have a look at Sam Bassett and Jason Hawkes.

No wonder this guy pulls chicks


I'm clever, I am


Triiumph Sprint ST

Triiumph Sprint ST
Originally uploaded by ozzzie. This is my Sprint loaded with the luggage and snapped by my brother-in-law, Rob. You'll notice my Yukio helmet delicately balanced and me just in shot standing like a Thunderbirds puppet.

Eurovision - Oh Lordi

What a delightful evening of entertainment! Personally, I wanted the Germans to win with their camp, country song, but to have the stomping Finnish, finnish in first - what a treat!

I'm sure that Womble (uber rock chick), had somehow fiddled the voting on an international scale to somehow give Lordi the lead. My suspicions increased when I learned that one of the characters includes the word 'biker' in their stage name.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Eurovision's frights and delights

It's a secret!

I think I must be suffering from infantile humour syndrome to find some of these things funny, but having studied a bit about encryption in the not too distant past, this site made me mildly smile uncontrolably.
"Message authentication is also provided. One way would be for the recipient to call the sender on the phone and say something like, "Hey! Did you just send me a blank piece of paper?" And the sender could say something like, "Yes…" and pause, knowingly."

Works on several levels

I felt that this was worth digging out the Canon EOS 350D, putting in the battery, taking off the lens caps, clicking on the EFS 19-55mm lens (with attached 58mm skylight filter) and taking a snap. Oh, and then opening in Paint Shop Pro X and emphasising the particular phrase of interest in a lovely poo-brown.

Could this be a new phrase in the gangsta vocabulary? "I've got the sitz man" - meaning that the individual concerned has the strong desire to sit on a toliet seat and read FHM.

It's childish I know, but it kept me entertained for a while.

Automatic Leader?

Show me more Bush

This one has to be watched to be believed (if you see what I mean).

SMOKEHAMMER || audio update

It's Crashed!


More fun with 419s

Here is a response to one of my emails:

"Dear Dr. Gull Eeble Twatte Greetings to
you and your family, i just received your mail and i thank you very
much for your response more importantly for the interest you have show
to work out this project with me[...]"

Others such as Mr.Comp Leetedik Head and Roger Mesensless come to mind.
Please feel free to send any other suggestions for character names to

This is my "I'm a gay hypnotist" pose

This is my "I'm a gay hypnotist" pose
Originally uploaded by ozzzie. The penalty of making a half-hearted attempt at a pose and a face is that noone knows if that's actually how you look most of the time.

Wipe away your fashion blues (or browns)

Apparently, this is what the fashionable people are wearing these days.
Go on, you know you want to.

"Why vegetarians should be force fed with lard"

"Just as tellingly, when men split up from their veggie
girlfriends, they near invariably start enjoying meat again. This goes
to prove amongst other things that men really will do ANYTHING for sex.". 

Tongue in cheek you think?

Comment on '"Why vegetarians should be force fed with lard"'

Trim that bush!

I don't normally go for American political satire, but this little snippet brought to you through the auspices (not quite sure where the birds come in) of Recess Monkey, is funny.

Democracy Now! | Stephen Colbert's Blistering Performance Mocking Bush and the Press Goes Ignored by the Media

Do you speak English?

This site is for those lovers of language, Womble and Woof.

Politics - [translation: Many bloodsuckers]

Those of you who work in some aspect of government may relate to this...

Local Elections 2006


Hey, you punch like a girl!

Lady Punch - Google Video

Fall into their cliches

This is a top notch site that uses state of the art, robust functionality to leverage your effort to produce an empowering, next generation meme collection right out of the box. It's no silver bullet, but it may expand your horizons, trust me.

CLICHE CHALLENGE: How various clich├ęs of the media and the establishment are faring

Ideal for a musician such as Womble...

Just imagine planting your cheeks on these little numbers...

If you need to blame somebody else, CALL NOW!


Milk Bottle Pixies

We're on the lookout for the milk bottle pixies today.

Oz Office Cam