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Womble's Right

I have been a busy boy recently, so apologies for there being nothing new to see here. Mind you, it's not as if my content set's the world alight. Ho, hum.
To be truthful (for a change), I've been struggling a bit with two Open University courses, M358 - Relational Database Thingumies and TM427, the M360 Project Thingumy. On top of that, Kate and I have had a few bits of less than brilliant news over the last couple of weeks, so that kind of takes the fire out of your belly.
I've just heard that my latest business partner, Sam Mako, has been ill. I received his message entitled "I was serious sick." which reads:
Sorry for not hearing from me since all this while,I was not feeling ok
I was admitted in the hospital since early last week, as regards to what you asked from me the fund was deposited in Security Company and the certificate deposit will be attached to this mail, I will send to you the United Nation Attestation next tomorrow, already they have issued it …


Times have been challenging recently. There's an awful lot of stuff going on in my life, some of it good and some of it bad. Imagine being at a really popular party and standing in the middle of a room packed with dozens of people, all having conversations in pairs and small groups. You can focus in on the occasional thread, but the words come thick and fast and wash over you. That's what it feels like in my head.
I know that it's a matter of perception and that helps; the realisation that you still have the same number of hours in each day and you control the thermostat of your activity. Nonetheless, there are times when I fight to supress the urge to do something violently irrational.
It's lucky that I'm basically a happy person, isn't it?

Did You Know This?

"Bonobos are an icon for peace and love, the world’s ‘hippie chimps,"’ said Sally Coxe of the Washington-based Bonobo Conservation Initiative. "To let them die off would be a catastrophe."

"The animals are known for greeting rival groups with genital handshakes and sensual body rubs. Bonobo spats are swiftly settled — often with a French kiss and a quick round of sex."

Sounds just like a poker evening to me.
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A Penny For Your Thoughts?

I thought I might share this site with you.
I'm off to spend a penny.


I took Kate out for a ride on the Sprint today. The sun was shining from a clear blue sky, although it was still pretty cold (or fresh if you prefer). I decided to head towards Cheddar, diverting part way for a quick coffee stop in Burrington Combe. Most of the roads were dry, but there were still a few damp patches in shaded areas and with cold, new tyres, I was taking it reasonably easy.
The bike still doesn't have many miles on it, but the gearbox is starting to loosen up now. I'd found it quite notchy to start with compared with the slick changes on the SV, but a less lazy and more deliberate technique ensures that each cog slots home. In fact, clutchless upchanges are just peachy.
The engine has big globs of creamy torque, which makes for very relaxed overtakes. Even using relatively modest throttle openings gives enough go to surge along and the exhaust note from those three cylinders is gorgeous. I'm looking forward to having enough miles on the clock to let those 123…