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Battle of the Geeks

Use the force loser.

Table Tennis Fans Easily Pleased

What other conclusion could you draw from this crowd showing their orgasmic appreciation for this little display of table tennis skill. OK, these guys are pretty good and does make my last session at a coffee break at an away-day look rather pathetic.

Another funny Amercian

Well if nothing else, he does a good movie voice.

Feeling bouncy?

This guy is just so good. Makes you fell like dancin'.

Our friends in the east

Have you noticed how the Japanese have become really good at this particular artform? I'm sure it has some kind of name - I've not really looked very hard for it in the clips or elsewhere. Always entertaining though, as can be seen from the Matrix stylee table tennis perfromance that I posted a little while ago,

Baa Humbug

Unpublished - Baa Humbug
Originally uploaded by ozzzie. Did you know there are sheep in Wales? No? There are, really. That's the only problem with nice roads across the moors like this, there can be one or two sheep around.

Loud pipes

If you think the pipes on your bike are loud, you should listen to the noise this thing makes. These people have held the 500cc and 600cc land speed records. I imagine with the gearing that they nedd, it wouldn't be that quick away from the lights.

HP Lovecraft strikes again

If you've ever ventured into the dark world of Cthulhu, then you'll have a good idea of where this lemon came from.

I've found another participant for our poker evenings

Yes, and he's here. Watching this video gives you an idea of the kind of poker evening that my very good, skydiving friend Woof hosts. We won't talk of the certain person who makes me want to bang them on the head repeadedly with something large, heavy and purple. Stop reading here.

I just threw in 'purple' at the end there to make you think. Admit it, for a moment you were wondering "what's large, heavy and purple?". I always like to stimulate though in those around me. Speaking of stimulating thought, I topped off my Open University course (M358 - database stuff) with an exam today. One down and one to go.

Take it off baby

One for the men...possibly.

Somebody thought this was exciting

Exciting enough to post this to Google Video - mind you, that isn't saying much now is it? If this guy was my tutor, I'd be starting to slip into the world of nod by now. Maybe he get's warmed up eventually.

Bang! Another one bites the dust

I have no idea what he's saying, but SHOOT ANOTHER ONE!

A funny American

One who uses irony in such a subtle way? Hang on, was I being ironic there?

Big wet one

I've not idea whether this wave is real ora clever special effects creation. Either way it's pretty impressive.

Another attempt at a humorous site

Don't go to this site if you're a jaded cynic who wouldn't even laugh if Coco the clown slipped down the stairs at a childrens' party, becoming hilariously impaled on a scale model of the Eiffel Tower.

Like a hole in the head

Woof has a friend who I feel would benefit from Trepanation. It may serve to calm him down a little. If you want to be truly entertained, make sure you watch the video.

On a different tack, do you ever find interesting rubbish? How are you on historical events?

Poor use of English and being Illegitimate

Now here's a web page that both Woof and Womble could relate to (in part). It is American, but we do allow those from the colonies some lattitude in certain areas. After all, Woof has been one of the reasons that Hollywood has been so financially successful and has singlehandedly created a shortage of DVD making material (whatever that is - flattened, boiled onions?).

I had a really nobbish ride on the bike today; well at least for the first half of the ride. I was choppy and my lines were all over the place. That's the price that you pay for having a couple of weeks off the bike doing other things. I started to get back into the swing of things coming back on the Usk road (locals will know what a cracking stretch of twisties that is) and got smoother and more accurate.

Human rights and political comentary from a lizard

Who'd have thought that you would get intelligent, reasoned arguments from someone who's trying to become a lizard. What has happened to the Empire?

This is a classic

Whay happens if you:

a) Can't be arsed to do things properly, clearing obstructions and checking what you're doing and
b) Just keep trying the same thing again and again even though it's bloody obvious that something is not right

You get this. Made me chuckle.

Chuckle I did

See if you don't too.