New Toys

Yesterday Billy dropped round my allocation of our new radio and camera equipment. We've bought a couple of sets of each to use for training new observers and associates. One of the key issues for us is the requirement for us to establish formal training to support its use. You can't just throw people out on the road with kit like this, you need to make sure that they're working to a game plan (aside from it being an IAM requirement).

The X-Cam kit has a small screen that can be used to play rides back to associates. That can be incredibly useful as a training aid - you know what they say about pictures being worth 999.99 words.

The aim with the radio equipment is to initially use it with trainee observers. Once we've established what works, then we can look at using it more widely. IAM needs to look at its own guidance in this area, as it clashes with what the DSA teach for post test trainers. With the likely ultimate registration of all bodies, there needs to be some harmony.

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